An active shooter drill at a local base was on Tuesday mistaken for an actual active shooter at the Tyndall Air Force Base in the United States. 


This had resulted to many law enforcement cars, firetrucks, and ambulances responding to the base, thinking an actual active shooter was reported.


It was learnt that the Tyndall Air Force Base was conducting an active shooter test when an emergency call from an adjacent building resulted to the response of the security teams.


The Spokesman for the Tyndall Air Force Base, Scott Johnson said the base was conducting an active shooter drill and that somehow, the information that it was a drill did not reach the law enforcement agencies who responded.


WDTN reported that several sources have confirmed that the incident was underway. 


The Tyndall Air Force Base had posted on its Facebook page that, "This morning Tyndall Air Force Base was conducting an active shooter exercise. These exercises are conducted regularly to test our response to ongoing threats. During the exercise, a real world 911 call was made from an adjacent building that resulted in a response by the 325th Security Forces Squadron as well as local law enforcement and first responders. First responders have cleared the building, ensured there was no threat, and the all clear was issued. We have resumed normal operations at this time.”


But details of the incident were still sketchy at the time of filing the report.t

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