Nigerians have been urged to brace up for an imminent mass action as the only solution that would liberate the country from the shackles of tyrannical and oppressive regime of President Muhammadu Buhari.

They said the last #EndSARS protest would be a test run and child play compared to the next massive uprising that will shake the country in demanding for the good governance and accountability.

A group of human rights activists revealed this on Friday in Abuja during a symposium organised by the TakeItBack Movement, Gwagwalada Chapter, themed, “Your Identification Gives You a Perfect Role In The Revolution.”

According to one of the guest speakers who is also the Benue State Chairman of African Action Congress, Rex Elanu, it had got to the point of consciously identifying and realising that the backwardness of Nigeria today was directly linked to the massive looting, bad governance, injustice and insecurity that bedevilled the country over the years.

Elanu said, “Unemployment is over 33 percent; under employment is over 22 percent; inflation is over 19 percent, look at dollar rate to naira, insecurity and drug abuse in the country. Put all these together you will realise that revolution is imminent and it must come. We are positioning ourselves for it.

“There was no meeting for people to come together for #EndSARS but the people felt that was an opportunity to vent their anger and frustration and you could see that for the first time, something shook the country that was more than an analysis on social media because they saw the uprising that was about to overpower their regime.

“They had to kill Nigerians to get them off the streets. The truth is that the next time people will be coming up on streets; you will be shocked to see hashtag #KillUsAll. It is only mass uprising that can liberate Nigeria and that is the only language they understand and within the ambit of the law, we have constitutional rights for peaceful protest.”


Elanu lamented the weak institutions in the country and how the National Assembly had compromised and became a stooge of the executive arm of government and totally disconnected from the realities in the country.


“We have come to the point that we must realise who we are as youths in Nigeria. If we have 200million population and we constituted over 70 percent of this number, then the fact remains that the liberation of Nigeria rest on our shoulders and if Nigeria go down the drain we should all be responsible for it,” he added.

Another guest speaker, Comrade Adekunle Wiseman Ajayi, urged Nigerians irrespective of their religion or ethnic differences to unite and come together to confront their common enemies who had continued to mortgage and stagnate their future.

He said, “We need the poor people of Yoruba;, Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Efik, Ibiobio etc to look beyond their rulers and unite against their common enemies. We must not behave like the thugs of the ruling class because the common thugs of the ruling class are; the police, the Department of State Services and the soldiers.

“Everybody now love (Omoyele) Sowore for what he is doing but we need to build one million Sowores and all of us here can do that. The only fear we should have is the fear to unite but if we do not fear to unite, we will put down all our religion and ethnicity; then we can confront and defeat our common enemies. If we can come together and produce another #EndSARS, we will win half of Nigeria security to our side.”

Other speakers at the event include; Labaran Okpanachi , Comrade Sledge the Hawker and Comrade Prophet Victor Anene.

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