An Islamic group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has demanded that the President Muhammadu Buhari regime must recognise and declare the first day of the Islamic calendar, August 9, as a holiday or be ready to face punishment from Allah.

The demand was made in a statement signed by its founder and director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola on Wednesday.

Monday, August 9 Muslims marks the first day of the Islamic year and MURIC's demand is that Nigerian Muslims join their fellow faithful around the world to mark the 2021 Hijrah Day.

MURIC complained that the Federal Government had ignored several calls and demands being made by Islamic organisations in the country to declare this day as a public holiday.

The Islamic human rights group said it has decided to amplify the demand this year as the date approaches.

The statement read, “We are calling on all state governors who are Muslims to identify with this noble, peaceful and divinely rewarding struggle by declaring this coming Monday (9th August, 2021) as Hijrah Day holiday.

“Members of state executives (commissioners, chairmen of agencies, etc) who are Muslims have a duty to bring this to the attention of state governors as a matter of urgency.

“Also, chairmen of local governments who are Muslims should encourage and support Islamic organisations and schools within their jurisdiction to organise events to mark the Day.

“On the other hand, Muslims in public offices who fail to promote it will have questions to answer before Allah yaom al-Qiyamah because they will have to explain why they abandoned their faith and their fellow Muslims for worldly gains."

The group also called on Muslims in public offices to not only be conversant with their religion but be bold enough to practice, manifest and seek to entrench it among fellow Muslims.

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