Two Nigerians have been arrested by Customs officers in Pakistan for attempting to smuggle 2.450 kilogrammes of cocaine worth Rs49 million (N256 million) filled in 161 swallowed capsules. 

According to reports, the customs officials stationed at the arrival hall of Jinnah International Airport checked the two Nigerian passengers arriving from Nigeria via Qatar on Wednesday.

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The report said the passengers, who showed signs of unusual panic, were sent to the Customs Examination Counter for a detailed search and an X-ray was conducted on them.

They were thereafter taken to the hospital near the airport where the presence of a large number of capsules in the stomachs of both the passengers was found in X-rays. 

The duo reportedly confessed that the capsules were filled with cocaine.

“The accused were presented before the court after registration of a case. The court ordered the remand of the accused. They were shifted to Jinnah Hospital to recover the cocaine capsules from their stomachs. The capsules wrapped in the plastic tape were recovered from their stomachs. The customs officers found 2.450kg of cocaine from 161 capsules. The value of the seized drugs was Rs49m,” customs said.

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