A Nigerian and Lead Pastor at Liberty Church London, Pastor Sola Fola-Alade, has warned against nursing fears around COVID-19 vaccines, saying people must not believe the myths surrounding the vaccines.

Speaking at the meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Fola-Alade, who is also a medical doctor, said he understood people’s fears but they should not be translated to believing in myths.  

In a post on his Twitter handle on Saturday, Fola-Alade advised people to be careful about misinformation concerning the vaccine.

He said, “Not only am I a pastor of a church, I’m also a medical doctor by training. I do understand people’s fears and anxieties concerning the speed of the development of the vaccines, and the things that are out there concerning how the vaccines were developed.

“While people do have valid fears and questions regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. However, we must be careful about misinformation out there and look at the facts and make our decisions based on objective facts and not on myths.” See Also PHOTONEWS: UK Prime Minister, Johnson Meets Church Leaders Over COVID Vaccination

Prime Minister Johnson met with Fola-Alade, along with other church and community leaders to discuss the COVID-19 vaccination.

The UK prime minister published a clip of the meeting, which was held at The Tab church in London, Lewisham, on his official Twitter handle on Saturday.

“Hi folks, I’m here at The Tab. I’ve been talking to some pastors about the amazing works that they do to encourage the take-up of vaccinations,” Johnson said in the video.

The UK, which is the fifth country with the highest number of confirmed infections worldwide, began vaccinations in December after it approved the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for public use.

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