An Indian man, Adi Suja, has said his father warned him to be wary of people from Nigeria after he (father) got to know he hired a Nigerian.

Suja, who is the founder and Chief Growth Officer of The Growth Club, disclosed this on his LinkedIn page.

He said the Nigerian who has worked with him for the past 8 months has however proved his father wrong.

He said, “Yes, he's from Nigeria. He's one of our writers. Nigeria? Be careful. Nigerians tend to cheat. When we started offering content marketing services, one of our first content hires was a Nigerian.

“When we found him on Upwork, he'd been looking for work for months. We gave him a test task. Good writing. Research. He put time into his work.

“We hired him. Over the next 8 months, he created content for multiple clients & partners. Worked with us through cash slumps. Irregular deadlines & requirements.

“After a Skype call with him one day, my dad popped a question: 'Who's Rodgers? Saw you having a call with him. Where is he from?' Yes, he's from Nigeria. He's one of our writers.

“Nigeria? Be careful. Nigerians tend to cheat. I didn't know what to say. Couldn't get my mind off it even after I got back to work. My dad was wrong. Gullibility & some bad experiences had caused my dad to not trust Nigerians.

“I know: They have a bad rep because of some scammers. But when we generalise an entire nation based on the actions of a few. We're stooping down to the level of the dimwits who run the scams.

“I think it's high time we focus on the qualities Africans should be known for: Hard work, passion & culture.”

Reacting, another Indian, Vishal Vasudev Nair, said, “Adi, I have been working in Nigeria for past 5 years, as in every country, there are good people and bad people. Let me say 90% of Nigerians are good and want to earn their money through hard work. They are the most hard-working chaps I have ever met.”

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