Northern Elders' Forum has warned Nigerians not to expect any dramatic change in the security situation in the country with the appointment of new security chiefs. 

The Northern elders said their performance will be largely determined by the Commander-in-Chief.

The Director, Publicity and Advocacy for the forum, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja, urged the President to hold service chiefs and senior commanders accountable for successes and failures.

Baba-Ahmed also urged the new service chiefs to live up to the expectations of Nigerians in tackling the security challenges ravaging the country so as not to dash their hopes.

It read, "In our current circumstances where the nation is being swamped by old and new security challenges, a change of leadership in our Armed Forces should be a signal that President Muhammadu Buhari accepts the need to effect major changes in his disposition to security issues and improvements in the nation’s capacities to deal with security and public safety.

"Nigerians will hope that these changes, even if belated, are intended as a response to the persistent demands for changes at leadership levels as part of the requirements to improve professionalism, morale and integrity of command structures of our Armed Forces.

"The Forum warns the nation not to be misled into thinking that these changes will dramatically change the nation’s fortunes in its fight against multiple security threats.

"The new service chiefs will be a lot more effective if they are inspired by a Commander-In-Chief who adopts an involved and active interest in their conduct, records and performances.

"President Buhari must therefore reduce his distance from defence and security matters, and hold service chiefs and senior commanders accountable for successes and failures.

"The new service chiefs have been part of the military that has been severely challenged in the fight against a decade-old insurgency and many other threats. The only way they can retain the confidence of Nigerians is to substantially improve on the records of their predecessors.

"The Forum believes that the priorities of the new service chiefs should include real improvements in professional standards and morale of fighting men and women as well as fighting corruption within the Armed Forces.

"They will be aware that our frustrations regarding access to vital weapons and criticisms from foreign and domestic monitors of the war are related to the manner our Armed Forces execute the war, and it will be important for them to lead a military which will operate with higher standards of respect for rules of engagement.

"The Forum invites the nation’s attention to the need to rise in support of leaders to reduce tension and other threats to our security. Events unfolding in the South-West, particularly inflammatory comments and threats by groups and individuals represent existential threats to the whole nation.

"All Nigerians must eschew the temptation to tamper with sensitive matters in pursuit of narrow goals. The Forum repeats its call on President Buhari to summon a meeting of governors, leadership of security and intelligent services and other Nigerians with capacities to advise and assist in de-escalating tensions in the South-West."

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