An Assistant Commissioner of Police serving in No. 73 PMF Squadron, Magumeri, Borno State, ACP Egbe Eko Edum, has been reportedly axed to death in Calabar, Cross River State Capital by unknown men.

The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday, December 2, at about 1:00 am.

Egbe Eko Edum

According to Police Public Relations Officer, Irene Ugbo, the ACP came to Calabar to see his family after being away for a very long time but arrived late at night hours.

Ugbo said the police suspected the assailants to be robbers.

She said, “He dropped off from public transport and had called his wife to pick him up before the unknown men attacked him. We are investigating the incident, and the family has recovered the body from the scene.

“The deceased is an Assistant Commissioner of Police who served in Borno State; he is not serving here. I think he was on his way to see his family here in Cross River; he arrived in Calabar at about 1:00 am when the incident happened.”


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