Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, has said he has "no doubt" he and Senator Kamala Harris will emerge victorious at the end of the votes count.

Votes continue to be counted in battleground states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina.

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So far, Biden maintains an early lead of 264 electoral votes and 72,473,159 over Trump's 214 electoral votes and 68,908,642 popular votes.

Speaking from his hometown in Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday evening, Biden said, "The senator and I continue to feel very good about where things stand. We do not doubt that when the count is finished, Sen. Harris and I will be declared the winners. So, I ask everyone to stay calm — all people to stay calm. 

"The process is working. The count is being completed. And we'll know very soon. So thank you all for your patience, but we've got to count the votes."

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