A member of the Lagos House of Assembly representing Surulere constituency, Desmond Elliot, has been criticised on Twitter, for talking down on Nigerian youths.

This comes after a video of Elliot scolding the youth during the plenary session of the House went viral on Thursday.

He also accused celebrities of stoking violence.

Elliot, an actor and movie director, turned politician, lamented the weird boldness of the younger generation who use social media to talk back at their elders.

He also groaned that the influence of social media was eroding the culture of Nigerian society.

"Mr Speaker, we need to address certain things; the Nigerian youths, the social media, the social influencers. All these are changing the narratives we see today, except we are joking with ourselves," Elliot said.

"Social media, yes, it's good! But it has a negative impact. Let me first thank you for condemning wanton killings and carnage that happened at Lekki. When I went through the comments, I could not believe it, Mr Speaker.

"The curses, the abuses from children, and I asked myself, is this Nigeria? What's going on? Children cursing? People having the effrontery to enter an Oba's palace, hold the staff of the office? Culture is gone.

"Mr Speaker, in the next five years, there will be no Nigeria if we don't start now. The youth is not only those who did the peaceful protest; those who have looted, who have destroyed lives; they are youths as well.  

"Mr Speaker, the pregnant entered the mosque, picked things and went away. When shall we change this narrative? I put it to all these celebrities out there, all the motivational speakers, this is the only country we have.

"The wealthy will go. When anything happens, what is our common saying? 'We die here.' Please, celebrities, please social media influencers, stop this already. You have a means constitutionally to change the government. It's called your PVC."

Eliot's outburst drew angry reactions on Twitter with many commenters expressing disappointment on how he addressed the issues.  

"Prophet Desmond said in the next five years there'll be no Nigeria," @_wisdom34 tweeted. "Well, I agree because we'll be having a new Nigeria without corruption and misplaced priorities."

Another Twitter user @sedooglory commented, "Really????!!!!. Now you will blame the media? When the people's food items were stored in the Oba's palace, what did you say? Holding his staff is more important than the lives of the people, who put you where you are is more important? Shey our constitutional power is in our PVC."

@tosindave responded: "Are you sure the werey is not on a movie set, werey dey disguise all along."

@Arokhenny wrote that "It's high time politicians needed to know if they don't do their duty they will be called out, curses or whatever means are available. So fear dey catch this one Abi e dey play old man."

@BiyiThePlug wrote: "Desmond Elliot wey joined politics yesterday dey call us children, just imagine."

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