I trust NLC national leadership if not because all of them have travelled to Afghanistan for an advance  course on how to call a workers strike and break it, NLC would have issued a powerful statement to condemn police brutality and commend SARS protesters, who are predominantly youth, children of workers many of whom are members of NLC.

Revolutionary President, Ayuba Wabba of NLC, would have addressed the protesting youth at different barricades as a mark of solidarity. An emergency midnight meeting would have been called where a two-day no work strike for workers would have been declared as solidarity with our youth, our future. And every Nigerian would have been eagerly waiting and praying that the solidarity strike won't be called off before day break.

Adeola Soetan

But since all the leaders of NLC have travelled out with their labour house locked and there's no network connection to get across to them and inform them that the similar rally they were afraid to call against petrol pump price hike and increase in tariff, our lazy youth of Baba Seriki Integrity's imagination have called their own on their own and it's massive.

What NLC and TUC cannot do, our "lazy youth" are doing it better and peacefully with courage and commitment.

Let's pray for their journey of mercy anytime they decide to arrive in Nigeria and be alive to their historical responsibility they are running away from.

Hello, hello, NLC, hello President Wabba.

Network failure again.

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