The Nigerian Government adopted a law criminalising torture in December 2017. However, to date, no one has been convicted of torture in a Nigerian court. Perpetrators of torture like notorious SARS continue to act with impunity, as if they are above the law. #EndSARS

Youths by their nature are very enthusiastic, exuberant and restive. 

It was the youth of South Africa in 1976, that brought about fundamental reforms in the apartheid regime. The youth rose to the occasion and took control of their future and destiny.

Some of whom, knowing the consequences of docility and forsaking whatever harm that might befall them, took to the streets regardless. 

Yes, some of them were martyred but they volunteered to give the ultimate sacrifice for their better and greater tomorrow.

What is the essence of life without freedom, they echoed in unison. 

Knowing the dangers that awaited them yet they proceeded as boys and girls of valour; and they voluntarily assumed the risks of death. 

Yes, some of them died for a noble cause, hence, today the place where they were brutally murdered has become a sanctuary where men and women, boys and girls and children from all ages from all over the world flock to do them homage. The place is today not only a tourist attraction but a solemn place to remember unequaled bravery. 

 After all, what is the essence of life without freedom!

It is indeed a shame to observe how docile and subdued the Nigerian youths have become, they knowingly and in total agreement with the older generation, allowed their laziness take the better of them.

It is indeed a shame that they have so much devalued their worth that they glorify laziness in Big Brother theatrics while accepting the basest of any treatment any human can endure. 

It is a shame that most of them lack the required self esteem and self worth capable of any iota of regard by their contemporaries anywhere in the world. 

The lack of integrity and indignity they exhibit globally has no match. 

Shame on you the Nigerian youth of today. 

Shame on you for willingly sacrificing your future because of some insignificant political appointments being easily dished out by politicians in order to silence you. 

What more does one expect from those who publicly mortgage their worth for a pot porridge, and crumbs from the table of feasting politicians who glaringly tell you to your face how worthless you are. Shame on.

Whilst only a handful of the youth hare out there on the streets protesting and demonstrating their frustrations and calling for the end to police killings and brutality, the majority are glossing about on social media in the comfort of their couches. Yeah right! 

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