The leadership of the Nigerian Union Traders Association of Ghana (NUTAG) has called on the government to respond to their request, saying they are dying of hunger.

According to them, their members have been targeted by the Committee on Foreigners in Retail mandated to crackdown on foreigners engaging in illegal business in the country.

Chairman of the Nigerian union traders, Kizito Obiora Ikechukwu, claimed all the 92 shops locked up by the committee belong to Nigerians and that no other foreigner's shop had been locked up.

Speaking on Opemsuo FM monitored by, Ikechukwu said some of their members have their documents intact yet still have their shops locked up.

He, therefore, called on the Nigerian government to liaise with the Ghanaian government so the situation could be resolved.

"Some team of government inter-ministerial taskforce visited our business places and closed all Nigerian shops. Why I say Nigerian shops is that, to the best of our knowledge and per our records, they have never visited any foreigner as far as Ashanti is concerned, only Nigerians. See Also Ghana Security Officials In Ghana Attack Nigerian Traders, Confiscate Goods Despite Evidence Of Tax Payment

"At the moment, the 91 shops closed down are all owned by Nigerians. That's why we think it will be good to let the whole world know, especially our Nigerian government, our hard-working President Buhari to quickly come to our aid because we are dying of hunger. We are dying here in Ghana," he said.

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