Aggrieved citizens under the umbrella of Nigerians against Bad Policies on Monday in Abuja besieged the headquarters of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission in protest over the recent hike in electricity tariff.

The group demanded the immediate reversal of the increment, saying the government's decision to go ahead with the increase was not in the best interest of Nigerians.

The protesters were attacked and assaulted by armed policemen, who attempted to break the demonstration.

A protester, Salako Kayode Opeyemi, was arrested and handcuffed for resisting a police officer, who made an attempt to seize a mobile phone from his colleagues.

It took the intervention of other protesters for the police to release him.

Police Attack Nigerians Protesting Hike In Electricity Tariff At NERC In Abuja WATCH VIDEO: olice Attack Nigerians Protesting Hike In Electricity Tariff At Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission In Abuja

Speaking on behalf of the group, Sanyaolu Juwon said Nigerians cannot continue to live as slaves in their own country with the unpopular and anti-people government policies being implemented by the President Muhammadu Buhari regime.

He said, "As Nigerians, we cannot continue to live as slaves in our own country. They cannot continue to kill us while they expect us not to cry or complain.

"It is unfortunate in the course of conducting ourselves in a peaceful manner the police came and attacked us fiercely with brute force. They hit us with guns. I was beaten several times on my head and left with bruises. This act is barbaric and Nigerians must all rise in unison to defend our democracy."

National Publicity Secretary of Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Gerald Katchy, described the increment as an attempt to suffocate Nigerians to death.

He said, "Before you can implement any policy, you need to consider the situation of the people. We are still struggling with COVID-19 pandemic and many people have lost their jobs and doctors are on strike.

"There is hunger in the land and they are increasing the price of fuel and electricity tariff, where do you want people to get the money to pay?

"This government is on our neck, we cannot breathe and they want to suffocate us with bad policies."

He also called for the stoppage of jumbo salaries of political office holders as a way of reducing cost of governance and reviving the economy.

The protesters vowed to continue to occupy the building until the government reversed the price from N66 to N22 per kwh.

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