The Coalition of Northern Groups has constituted three committees with a mandate to come up with an acceptable framework for peace to reign in Kaduna State.

Recall that the Southern part of the state has experienced the worst form of violence in recent times with hundreds of residents murdered by bandits.

The committees constituted by CNG are economic and empowerment committee, political and social committee and the governance/law enforcement committee.

The group also resolved to establish a non-governmental organisation that will accommodate relevant stakeholders with an objective mindset that will essentially work for restoration of peace, encourage reconciliation and accelerate economic growth mechanisms.

Spokesperson for the CNG, Suleiman Abdul-Azeez, told journalists after a meeting that the group won’t leave any stone unturned towards ensuring that lasting peace returned to the area.

He said, “At the end of the follow-up meeting with relevant stakeholders from Southern Kaduna, the participants unanimously resolved to set up an NGO for Southern Kaduna that will promote peace, reconciliation and empowerment.

"That in addition to the mandate of the various committees set up, suggest names for immediate registration with relevant bodies and for advocacy to commence immediately and liaise with clerics.

"The meeting identified bad politics, economic realities and government actions positive and negative as factors associated with the recurring crisis in the area.”

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the group, Nastura Ashir Sheriff.


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