Everywhere else, I'm a symbol of equality

A perfect representation of impartiality

A goddess who has no regards for wealth or power

Who duly metes out justice by the hour

All over the world, I am a beacon of hope and truth

Who treats equally the aged and the youth

Who does not discriminate against ethnicity or race

And cares not about the colour of your face


But here, I'm the poster lady of a corrupt system

An unwilling tool in the battle of supremacy

Having no power to defeat or resist them

A weapon used to silence the enemy


Here, I am a victim who lives in fear

Of those who have ripped off my blindfold

And asked me to be brazenly insincere

To only do as I'm being told


Here, my sword is stained with the blood of the innocent

My scales weigh heavy with guilt and regrets

Here I am always part of an atrocious plan

Never the hope of the common man


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