I have almost fully recovered from the most gruesome, provocative, rights-violating, disrespectful, tormenting and intimidating 48 hours of my life. With a lot of tears and passion, I steadfastly say this: I will never stop living for Nigeria's progress. I will never be intimidated to migrate from Nigeria or leave millions of Nigerian citizens to continue suffering.

I will never let anything, a few criminals in government or otherwise, overshadow the greatness Nigeria can be. I will never let anyone portray Nigeria or any African country as a lost cause.

On August 5th 2020, several hundreds of Nigerians planned safe, peaceful protests across the nation to bring awareness to the hellish sufferings of many citizens. Unknown to most, the Nigerian government had planned and mobilized brutal attacks to sabotage the protests. Protesters were approached by several policemen; no crimes committed, all protesters wearing face masks (COVID-19 mandate) and all at peace. They said we were under arrest and must follow them at once to the nearest police station. We demanded to know our offences but all we got was “Order from above”. The policemen with “order from above” proceeded to violate our peace and freedom, driving us in cramped up cars to police stations. We pleaded to be released to no avail. We were treated like criminals and ordered around for several hours. They touched our arms as they pleased and ordered us to do as they willed. We had to pay to use toilets that were the filthiest possible. We were not eventually set free till much later the next day. 

I’m trying so hard to forget the entire ordeal in order to recover from the hellish pains. It’s very difficult to fully explain how heavy the torture was for no crimes committed whatsoever. Two days of my life wasted in illegal detention and watching “law enforcers” commit crimes while detaining innocent people. Many times, they told us we would never regain freedom as they continuously attempted to evoke fear in law-abiding, peaceful, progressive citizens. I learnt that in today’s Nigeria, right is wrong and wrong is right. It’s more saddening when we realize the millions of Nigerians who have spent several days, months and years in such torture and the millions that lost their lives to such wrongs. 

This narrative is not just a recap of the extremely unfortunate turn of events. It’s a blatant, explicit appeal to Nigerians and the world on what we must do to save millions of Nigerians. The only healing and compensation I want is a better, more progressive, united, safer and happier Nigeria with equal opportunites for all to grow, thrive and live well. For over 5 decades no one in Nigeria, Africa, or the world at large has succeeded in overturning the criminal regime that has handcuffed several millions of citizens into poverty, suffering and brutal death sentences. Millions have had no free will, education or opportunities to attempt to achieve life goals. The system is corrupt, selfish, criminal and growth-impossible for ethical citizens. Change is a must.

Buhari as president of Nigeria may have good intentions but he cannot do much. 1. We are yet to verify some of his educational credentials and we very much question his analytical abilities and deep-intelligence required to be the number one man in a country of smart-ables. 2. He is mentally and physically old and has been very sick at certain times throughout his tenure as President. 3. There are several speculations regarding what the criminals that paid for him to be in power will do if he attempts to bring down their wealth or power. Thus, power has continued to circulate from within the same circle of people who ideally should not qualify to lead great Nigerians. Ethical citizens who make their way into these circles are either pushed out or made to abide by the “wrong is right” stronghold of corruption, illiteracy, selfishness and unwise greed.

The most important part of this write up is this: What’s the way forward for Nigeria and African countries in similar situations? We need the current set of leaders to step down now or face #Revolutionnow. We must vote and appoint only the most ethical, unblemished, progressive and well-meaning Nigerians in all positions nationwide. Year 2023 elections tagline is “No Criminals in Government” We all must want the best for Nigeria now and no later than 2023.

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