A Nigeria Army personnel has threatened to make a musician, Matthew Joshua Chukwubuikem better known as M-Josh, 'pay big time' for singing a song about human rights violations in the country.

The personnel identified by his Facebook account as Ninasco Airborne (an alias), sent messages to M-Josh querying why he sang about rights abuses. 

In disjointed Pidgin English, the army personnel wrote, "M-Josh, you try for your music but you f..k up big time by calling us sombi. For that you must pay anytime I see you." 

Another on WhatsApp reads, "OK don't worry, you must pay for that insult you insulted us, thanks bye." 

The young musician told SaharaReporters on Wednesday that he was shocked by the threat coming from someone he does not know or has never met in his life before. 

He said after reaching out to him on WhatsApp, the soldier copied his business phone number, which is on his Facebook profile and reached out to him to further threaten his life. 

M-Josh - Movie In Aso Rock (Official Video) M-Josh - Movie In Aso Rock (Official Video)

"He reached me on Facebook, asking why I was abusing the military in one of my songs, that I am going to pay for it whatever the time is.

"Later, I discovered that somebody added me on WhatsApp, my WhatsApp numbers are on Facebook because I produce music too despite the fact that I sing so sometimes my client need my contact.

"So he got my contact and started chatting me up, threatening me. I don't know him."

The musician called on relevant authorities to intervene in order to protect his life, which is now under threat by the army personnel.

He also called for an end to rights violations across the country especially those perpetrated by law enforcement agents. 

M-Josh - Audio Government (Official Video) M-Josh - Audio Government (Official Video)

M-Josh - Coro (Dagbo) Demonstration Video

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