A Kano State-based medical doctor, Dr Naseer Adam, died on Saturday of symptoms suspected to be Coronavirus. 

The deceased was reported to have managed a patient with acute respiratory infection three weeks ago before his own death. 

The patient returned to the hospital again due to worsening breathlessness and after isolation, it turned out that the the patient tested positive for COVID-19.  

However, four days ago, Dr Adam started having running nose and dry cough, forcing him to be admitted at emergency section of a hospital. 

He however, died on Saturday while receiving treatment. 

One of Adam’s colleagues, Dr Abbas Bello, paid tribute to him on social media, saying, “Truly, one of the darkest moments of a doctor's life is when they couldn't help save the life of a colleague, friend and one of their own! 

"Dr Naseer Adam was one of the most hardworking, humble, kind, generous, industrious and down to the earth clinician that I have recently come across. Because of his empathy and generosity, almost all the indigent patients want to see him as he will review them, prescribe, pay for the medication he prescribed and give them transport fare.”


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