Activist and member of defunct National Democratic Coalition, Chief Ayo Opadokun, has said that Nigeria was still being ruled by the military men masquerading as politicians even after 21 years of the return of democracy to the country.

Opadokun, who spoke with SaharaReporters on Friday, said politicians since 1999 both at the federal and state levels had not shown significant respect for democratic principles and tenets, which according to him had denied the country of development opportunities.

He said, “Unfortunately I don't accept what is happening in Nigeria in the last 21 years of democracy. Yes, there was a transition from the military dictatorship to civilian government but what we have is the exchange of uniforms.  FILE PHOTO: Ayo Opadokun speaking at an event in Lagos.

"It is the same set of elites, they are military politicians in uniform and military politicians in mufti who are still governing the country."

Opadokun faulted the centralisation of key federal appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari, which he said was in clear violation of the principle of federal character.

The former Secretary General of NADECO condemned the composition of the current National Security Council, describing it as sectional and not reflective of the principle of federal character.

He said, "Those of us who laid down our lives for restoration of democracy have realised that we have wasted our time for nothing because we thought that if we succeeded returning democracy to Nigeria those who will take over governance will be mindful of the fact that government is about the people.

"What have we gotten since they came into the office?  This is not the democracy we fought for. This one has not produce anything to which people can be proud of that we now have government.

"The amount of violence and insecurity under succeeding military regimes are of very greater proportion than what obtain under the military.”

He added that nothing was on the ground as democratic gains to justify the struggle and fight by pro-democracy activists, who laid down their lives and fought military dictatorships.

Opadokun therefore called on Nigerians to set themselves free from the shackles of oppressors masquerading as politicians.


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