Nigerians in an online poll conducted by SaharaReporters have rated President Muhammadu Buhari's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as 'poor'.

Buhari has in recent weeks come under increasing criticism for his handling of nationwide lockdowns, decision on inter-state movement, palliatives and more.

Of the 15,100 respondents on Twitter, 75 per cent stated that he had done a poor job in managing the crisis while 25 per cent believe his performance was satisfactory. 

On Facebook, 12,000 users responded with 74 per cent also rating his performance as poor while 26 per cent thought his action plan had been satisfactory.

Stanley Dike on Facebook said, "No ratings at all, Buhari is a failure already and always. He don't even know the extent at which COVID have damaged things in this country, and he has no clue what to do even if he knows. We don't have an active President in Nigeria. The only country in the world without a know how President is Nigeria."


On Twitter, @ibjnr21 said, "Most of those saying poor have always hated him because of sentiments but we that appreciate the way they handling the pandemic, we would continue to hail them for the job weldone."

Back on Facebook, Femi Nathaniel Fagoriola said, "Extremely poor, they hide under COVID-19 to steal our common wealth. 
"For instance, feeding of pupils from house is fraud, sharing of palliative materials is another way of amassing wealth for themselves, just to mention few."

Muntaka Kabir Moyi also on Facebook said, "No communication with the populace, not even up to average satisfactory sharing of palliatives. No consideration of lockdown effects on the masses, no sincerity from the NCDC about the COVID-19 mitigation process, no provision of opportunity for our local herbalists to harness cure for the virus from our local herbs output."

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