The Human Rights Advancement Development and Advocacy Centre has called for investigation of all human rights abuses recorded during the management of COVID-19 in West Africa.

The center disclosed this during the launch of a report on the human rights perspective of COVID-19 pandemic in West Africa.

Executive Director of the center, Ayodele Ameen, said the report would help in developing models capable of protecting the rights of citizens.

Ameen stressed that the report was aimed at providing a template that would stop the violations of human rights that may take place when the pandemic is over. 

He added that the center carried out an independent assessment on the governments responses in the management of the crisis.

Ameen said, "The report contains detailed analysis of the human rights framework within the context of management of COVID-19 pandemic through the medium of emergency powers and rights limitations; government obligations under international human rights laws.

"The report stated that permissible grounds for curtailment of human rights must not include non-derogable rights; it however delves into human rights and security under the COVID-19 pandemic, raising question on absolutism of human right by looking at permissible grounds." 

The group called on citizens to adapt to the new lifestyle brought about by the virus and to avoid spreading fake news, adding that this can kill faster than Coronavirus itself.

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