Former Country Manager of Accenture and Managing Partner Verrakis Partners teams up with www.mylearningacademy.com and StartupArewa to provide FREE offline e-learning to primary and secondary schools. 

In its bid to contribute in closing the educational gap caused by the Covid 19 pandemic ML Academy has partnered with a number of organization including Verraki Partners, NASFAT, DiD You Know Limited and Startup Arewa to give FREE access to its e-learning platform for 3 months and life time access to its virtual classroom for schools and students so that they can upload study materials, conduct test and interact with their students.

It is hoped that this bundled with the entire secondary school curriculum in multiple Nigerian languages will help close the educational gap. 

In a video posted by Mr. Niyi Yusuf, Managing Partner of Verraki Partners and President of NASFAT and Mr Mohammed Jega the Founder of StartupArewa, have  encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of this e-learning opportunity , stay safe and wished Nigerians safety and good health. 

Mrs Hadiza Mohammed the co-founder explained that mAcademy helps to bridge the gap in the educational system by making learning affordable and accessible at the fingertips of every Nigerian.

Since data is only required to download the content, MyLearningAcademy is working with mobile operators to make the link to the platform free for learners to download learning contents. She also stated that contents in other Nigerian languages are presently being uploaded.  

The e-learning app helps teachers and lecturers to conduct tests and give classroom assignments which can be accessible by users located in even the most remote villages across the country. To benefit from this individuals should visit www.mylearningacademy.com to register.

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