Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Education in Nigeria, has condemned the threat issued by Bello, son of Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai, to 'rape' a Twitter user's mother.

Ezekwesili said, “Did I just see horrific tweets from your handle threatening gang-rape? What was that? Why the ethnic vitriol toward Igbos? What’s that, Bello? Too tragic!

“You need to not just immediately apologise for those vile tweets but get into an anger management program quickly.

“I have maintained that we can disagree without being disagreeable. We can object without being objectionable. Healthy debates and divergences that arise are important for democratic development of societies.”

Trouble started when Bello clashed with a Twitter user named Consigliere with the @oewonah after the former criticised United States President, Donald Trump, for not doing enough to handle the outbreak of Coronavirus in America.  See Also Politics Bello, Son Of Kaduna Governor, El-Rufai, Rains Insult On Twitter User After Disagreement Over Trump, Buhari’s Handling Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Bello said, “There is nothing as radioactive as an incompetent leader during a time of crisis. The United States of America is a case in point. A few states in Nigeria too.”

But not satisfied with Bello’s attack on Trump, Consigliere fired back, insisting that the American President was miles better than President Muhammadu Buhari and even his father, el-Rufai, in terms of quality leadership.

Consigliere wrote, “He can't call Buhari out for his ineptitude yet he's calling Trump names? Did he vote Trump?”

Rather than douse things, that only escalated tensions, forcing a series of strong-worded and offensive outbursts from the younger el-Rufai directed at the Twitter user. 

He said, “Tell your mother I’m passing her to my friends tonight. No Igbo sounds please! Tueh.

“Your mother is the main whore of the South East. I can’t reply you publicly.

“F..k Kanu and take a picture of the Second Niger Bridge, thanks to Buhari.

“My mentions are mine. If a Sunday bastard makes up lies and drags my father, his mother will be games. If he doesn’t want it, he shouldn’t mention me. The crowd has never phased me.

“Truly your mother’s son. Does she still earn by earning 2,019 naira per suck on Azikwe Street, Aba LGA? Tell her to wear mask and gloves while doing it due to this pandemic.

“This daddy’s boy has heard your mother ability to take d..k is mind blowing. Especially one dipped in kerosene from Abia land. Sounds about fair. Despite the ineptitude, he is completing a bridge your Ebele couldn’t. You are stuck with PMB and can’t do shit. How’s failed daddy?”

When Bello’s mother was tagged in the Twitter posts, she appears to support her son's offensive display. 

She said, "Don’t @me. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. All is fair in love and war." 

Some other Twitter users didn’t find Bello’s outburst funny, they attacked him from every angle, expressing a mixture of disgust and disappointment at his choice of words.

One user named @Dave_Suc, said, “El-Rufai's son will be worse than his father. I have never seen a child ingrained with such hate and bigotry. He is a disaster waiting to happen.” 

Another user, @lumiere451, said, “Is this really the son of a governor and he can't compose a sentence with proper grammar? Aren't you supposed to have had one of the best education available? It obviously didn't do you any good.”

@Seundann also said, “Tag his father ‪@elrufai and let him see what his son ‪@B_ELRUFAI said about your family. 

“This is not only rude, its shows deficiencies in character. How do you move from simple political misunderstanding to insulting family members.”

In his submission, @keljykz2 said, “Bello el-Rufai is a little boy who has never worked for anything in his life. I wonder why you are bothered engaging him. 

“Bro, don’t even sweat over someone who doesn't know the price of the car he drives. Enjoy your Easter and leave thrash for LAWMA.”

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