The Human and Environmental Development Agenda has asked the Nigerian Government to make guidelines for the distribution of food and other materials to vulnerable individuals following the restriction of movement occasioned by the outbreak and continued spread of Coronavirus in the country.
In a statement on Sunday, HEDA, Mr Olanrewaju Suraju, said there was no provision on the ground to safeguard the process from corruption.

He said, "We are concerned about what appears to be a lack of data, a process devoid of digital dashboard that will ensure the food being distributed reaches the poorest of the poor and not vested political interests.

"Beyond the palliatives, the federal and state governments should work at a long term framework that will ensure social and health security for Nigerians. 
"It should be clear to Nigerian authorities that public health security is key to sustainable development. 

"COVID-19 has provided the impetus for urgent need to focus on the essentials of life of Nigerians which are food, housing and public health."

HEDA said it will form a coalition campaign for allocation  of funds to public health by federal and state governments instead of investing on projects that have no direct bearing with the basic needs of the people. 

Members of the coalition are Women Advocacy Research and Documentation Centre, Centre for Democracy and Development, Help Centre, Civil Society Network Against Corruption, Journalists for Democratic Rights, International Peace and Civic Responsibility Centre among others.

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