Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed


It has been a fruitless journey of 60 years with the same set of dumb drivers. A six-decade journey that has given birth to all sorts of social vices. Many are dying, many more will die whilst many are still holding on the stigmatization of the past fruitless journey.

A journey that has harboured criminality and honoured the enablers of crimes. The impotence of our leaders has triggered anger and anxiety into the society. 

Nigerian masses are abandoned projects in the eyes of our selfish politicians, who always run abroad for medical check-up. Nigerian hospitals are dilapidated because funds to equip them have been stolen, hence the present lack of ventilators. Our medical facilities are in shambles and now look like a garbage truck.

Nigeria is a country where there is no future plan for any unforeseen circumstances like the instant case of Coronavirus. A country where project funds are being diverted into personal accounts with no fright of repercussions.

Injustice, humiliation, harassment are the engine power of Nigerian oppressors. The masses are rendered useless and helpless. They add no value to the society they belong.

Sowore has substantiated his stands to the world that power belongs to the people. He has also opened the eyes of Nigerians and awakened the dormant spirit of individuals who allowed religion, ethnicity, mediocrity and politics to take control over them.  

This is a call for all Nigerians to utilize this opportunity. We need to stand up and demand for good governance. This is a moment for a total disruption of political spaces, as we are all indoor. It is a plausible project for the Nigerian government to build a world class health centre in each of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria.

Now is the moment for a global agitation for social justice for all prisoners of conscience, for those who have been incarcerated for a long time without a trial. The right moment for all Nigerians, irrespective of our differences. We need to come together and demand for social justice and a workable system.

Yes, Coronavirus is a war that we need to fight, but we cannot go to a war without having all the resources with which to fight our enemies. President Muhammadu Buhari has order a total lockdown in some states, and the order has already taken effect in some of the states. The revolution we are all running away from, has started already.

We are walking into the shadow valley of desperation and depression at the same time. A point where hunger will strike the masses out of their roof, many will not mind going to any length to quash their hunger.

Provisions were not made to Nigerians before the total lockdown. Majority of Nigerians earn their daily bread from hand to mouth. How can they sustain this affliction of injuries on them by the government without any realistic measures of providing palliatives for the entire period of the restriction? 

If the government knows how to reach out to the people during the electioneering period, and make ballot papers  get across the most remote parts of the country, then that shows that government has the capacity to reach out to all Nigerians at once, if it is indeed serious about making the claims it publicizes.

At the end of everything, what is clear is that we cannot fight Coronavirus alone without fighting Corona-hunger and Corona-thieves among our so-called leaders.

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