Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria popularly known as Shiites, have raised concerns over the crowded Kaduna Correctional Center where their leader, Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, and wife, Zeenat, are being held. 

The group said there was the possibility of them contracting the dreaded Coronavirus considering the lack of social distancing at the correctional centre. 
In a statement on Thursday by Secretary of the Academic Forum of the movement, Abdullahi Musa, the group said the lives of El-Zakzaky and wife were in danger.

He said, "While social distancing and staying at home are effective prevention methods for Covid-19, it is very difficult for detainees to be granted such precautions. 

"Continued detention of the couple in Kaduna Prison despite this pandemic is really worrisome." 

IMN said El-Zakzaky’s health had deteriorated beyond redemption and would not be able to withstand the excruciating conditions of prison.
Musa added,"Sheikh El-Zakzaky is being affected by progressive glaucoma, cervical spondylosis and up to 55 bullet  fragments with lead and cadmium poisoning in his body. 

"He has also been suffering from sleep disorder, recurrent spiking hypertension, recurrent episodes of stroke and just few days ago, his cardiac ischaemia and ventricular hypertrophy were found to deteriorate." 

The sect asked the Nigerian Government to release their leader to enable him receive treatment before it gets too late.

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