One of two attacks on military bases in Somalia had been fought off by the military and African Union peace keeping force in the country.

AFP reports that in one of the attacks, a suicide bomber loaded a vehicle with explosives and blew-off part of a bridge.

“The terrorists carried out an attack on the military bases at Qoryoley and Ceel-salini but our brave boys repelled them, they (Shabaab) have suffered heavy casualties this morning and the army is in full control in the both areas now,” a Somali military commander in a nearby town, Mohamed Adan, said.

The AU force in the country known as AMISOM were able to repel the attack on the base in Qoryoley where part of the bridge was destroyed.

“They have destroyed part of the bridge across the entrance to Qoryoley where the Somali military base is located using a vehicle loaded with explosives,” the military commander disclosed.

According to witnesses, dozens of heavily armed Shabaab militants entered Qoryoley town and addressed a gathering of residents before departing.

“The Shabaab fighters entered the town and one of their commanders spoke with a gathering before they made their way out of the town, the situation is quiet now and the Somali forces backed by AMISOM soldiers are patrolling the streets,” Ali Moalim, a resident in Qoryoley said by phone.

The Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying they had “captured a sizeable amount of military supplies”.

Since 2013, the group has been fighting the Somali Government for control over the Islamic country.

During its struggle however, some of its commanders have willingly surrendered.

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