The Intelligence Response Team of the Nigeria Police Force has arrested a gang of 13 suspected ritual killers over the death of one Abosede Iyanda.

The team arrested the gang in Ogun State following a petition by one Segun Adeyemi alleging that his daughter, 30-year-old Abosede, suddenly disappeared on her way back from office on November 3, 2019.

According to the police, the gang has an herbalist, Islamic cleric and a pastor, stating that other members of the team were still at large.

According to the report, the woman used to be married to Segun Olaniyi, one of the suspects, who she visited at his office before she was killed.

In his confession Olaniyi, said, “I am now a native doctor. I learnt welding before I switched to this work.

“Abosede called me on the phone that she was coming to see me. I asked her the reason for her visit and she said she wanted financial assistance to boost her business.

“I called a friend named Akanbi to come around. Already, we had a work at hand, so Akanbi suggested that we use her for the ritual instead.

“We killed her beside my house. I took the head, two hands and part of the meat.

“I sold the head for N40, 000. I sold one of the hands to an orthodox doctor named Murideen for N15,000 and the other hand to another person for N15,000. I sold the flesh to one alfa named Sunday Akinyemi (N10,000), Rasaq (N5,000) and Mustafa (N5,000).

“I used part of the flesh to produce powdered medicine which if taken with hot drink would attract customers.

“At times, we kill the husbands of some of our customers to turn them into widows so that they would join us in bringing victims to be slaughtered.”

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