Many Nigerians have reacted to a recent report exposing sexual harassment of some women in Abuja by some personnel of the police, paramilitary and military alleged to be working on the orders of the Acting-Secretary to the Federal Capital Territory Social Development Secretariat, Mrs Safiya Umar.

A Twitter user, Isaac, while reacting, said, "I read the stories on the #AbujaRaid and I am beyond pissed.

"How do we explain to people outside that even in our own country, we are not free because law enforcement agencies now attack us. This is crazy." 

Another user, @DoctorEmto, said, "Please, we need pictures of this Hafiya Safiya Umar.

"We need to know all the officers involved.

"Nigeria is a mess. No rule of law, anyone can wake up and make lives for others miserable. I won't say anything but I know myself, she has to go to jail."

In his own submission, @thebardongbamola said, "After this trend, what next? We sit back and wait for the next trend abi? Where are the feminists when you need them? This is the time to come out and prove all you have been tweeting and posting."

As of the time of filing this report, Umar was yet to say anything concerning the issue of illegal abduction and rape of women in Abuja.

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