The Nigerian Trade Union has asked the country's government to start
payment of the new minimum wage from April 2019 when it was signed by
President Muhammadu Buhari.

The demand was made in a statement by the acting chairman of the
union, Anchaver Simon, and the Secretary, Alade Lawal, on Monday.

“We wish to advise that since the 2019 national minimum wage was
signed into law by Mr. President on April 18, 2019, the implementation
should start from that date so as not to trigger another avoidable
round of agitation by public service employees and their trade
 unions,” the statement said.

On Friday, the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Nigerian government
came to an agreement over the implementation of the new minimum wage

Both parties agreed on 23.2 percentage increase for workers on grade
level 07; 20 percent for those at grade level 08; 19 percent for
workers at grade level 09; 16 percent for those at grade levels 10 to
14; and 14 percent for workers at grade levels 15 to 17.

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