Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association in Abuja, Dr Ekpe Phillip, has advised Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky, to seek psychological help so as to be able to function properly as a male that he was created to be.

Apart from Bobrisky, Philip also admonished other persons in the society acting and behaving like a member of the opposite sex to urgently seek help so as not to jeopardise the health of others in the society.

According to the consultant gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive health, who is also the current Chief Medical Director of Nyanya General Hospital, Abuja, Bobrisky cannot be a woman because he lacks vital reproductive and sex organs that women have.

Philip said, “People like Bobrisky need help and that is why they must seek psychological assistance.

“Bobrisky is a man whether he likes it or not and so should not be seen in a female toilet. If this is allowed to continue, then we could be dealing with a health hazard.

“What he is engaging in is just for publicity stunt because he remains a normal man whichever way we want to look at it.

“He is yet to expose his private parts for us to know if he actually is a transgender.

“So, in my view, it is not about Bobrisky feeling he is a woman, it is about other member of the society knowing that he is not a woman.

“Bobrisky and his likes cannot function as normal women because they do not have uterus and womb.

“Nigeria is a country with laws against gay activities and this must be respected by all.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Bobrisky has come under fire in recent times, with various groups and even law enforcement agencies clamping down on his activities in the society.

On August 31, 2019, the police in Lagos shut a venue where a lavish birthday party was to be held for him.

Bobrisky had slated the celebration for two locations in Lagos but following wide criticism by members of the public, the police moved in to arrest the situation.

On October 7, 2019, the Nigerian Government, through the Director-General of National Centre for Arts and Culture, Segun Runsewe, issued a warning to travellers across the country to avoid using the same toilet with the popular cross-dresser.

“Bobrisky is a serious health hazard for Nigeria and Nigerians. Travellers and tourists should be careful wherever they notice the presence of Bobrisky, mostly as it affects sharing of public facilities,” Runsewe had said. 

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