Saudi Arabia has said attacking Iran is an option it could consider as a response to the strikes on two of its oil facilities.

Adel al-Jubeir, the country’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, told the BBC in New York that appeasement has never worked with Iran.

He said, “Appeasement has not worked with Iran in the past, appeasement will not work with Iran in the future.

“Everybody's trying to avoid war and everybody's trying to avoid escalation. So, we will look at all the options that are available to us.

“We will make a decision at the right time.”

Iran has continued to deny responsibility for the attack but France and Germany have backed up the accusations made by the United States and Saudi Arabia against the Persian state.

While Saudi Arabia waits to make a decision, the Pentagon – America’s defense bureau, said on Thursday that as part of its “commitment to stability in the region, it would send 200 support personnel, four radars and a battery of Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia to bolster the country's defenses”.

It also stated that two more Patriot batteries and a ballistic missile defense system were also in reserve if needed.

Experts have concluded that Nigeria does not have the capacity to fully enjoy the misfortune of the drone strikes, which the Houthi rebels in Yemen have taken responsibility for but four countries have blamed Iran for.

However, a war between the two Arab big shots could put more money in the country’s coffers as oil prices might be forced up just like it happened during the Gulf War in Kuwait and the Yom Kippur War in the seventies.

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