Facebook’s 22.4millon Nigerian users will see some of the applications they are used to suspended or removed, as the firm continues to improve its privacy status. 

In a blog post seen by the GuardianUK, the United States-based social platform, said it had suspended tens of thousands of apps from just 400 developers across the world and are still investigating millions more.

It said, “As each month goes by, we have incorporated what we learned and re-examined the ways that developers can build using our platforms.

“We’ve also improved the ways we investigate and enforce against potential policy violations that we find.” 

The company said it is working with hundreds of contributors including attorneys, external investigators, data scientists, engineers, policy specialists, and teams within Facebook.

Some of the applications that have been affected by the investigation include My personalityapp and South Korean firm Rankwave. 

Facebook has also taken action against LionMobiand JediMobi, companies that used apps to infect user’s phones with malware to generate profit and two Ukrainian men for using quiz apps to scrape user data from the platform.

“App developers remain a vital part of the Facebookecosystem. 

“They help to make our world more social and more engaging. But people need to know we’re protecting their privacy.” 

These investigations are an offshoot of the catastrophic scandal that hit the firm in March 2018.

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