The National Chairman of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Emmanuel
Dania, has asked the South African government to do more than just
apologizing to countries affected by the recent xenophobic attacks.

Dania, in an interview with ChannelsTV, faulted the apology made by
the country’s special envoy, Mr. Jeff Radebe, on behalf of President
Cyril Ramaphosa when he visited Nigeria.

“I think the South African government needs to do more. This is not
the first time that we have seen this xenophobic attack. The
government hasn’t done anything in the past, the reason why this is
happening again.

“So I think there has to be pressure on the Nigerian government to
ensure that the South African government does beyond just giving an
apology,” he said.

Speaking further, he said, “Our lives are lost and they must be able
to guarantee the lives of Nigerians. Every life of Nigerians in South
Africa matters and they must be able to give adequate security to the


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