A new report by the World Health Organisation has showed that improvement in nutrition could save the lives of 3.7 million people by 2025.

WHO posited that health services must integrate a stronger focus on ensuring optimum nutrition at each stage of a person’s life.

According to the report, healthier populations are achieved through multi-sectoral actions that are not limited to health systems alone, though often using the stewardship, advocacy and regulatory functions of health ministries.

Assistant Director-General at WHO, Dr. Naoko Yamamoto, noted that nutrition must be positioned as one of the cornerstones of essential health packages in order to provide quality health services and achieve Universal Health Coverage.

She said, “Essential health packages in all settings need to contain robust nutrition components but countries will need to decide which interventions best support their national health policies, strategies and plans.

“Investment in nutrition actions will help countries get closer to their goal of achieving universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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