A player with Enyimba Football Club of Aba, Stephen Chukwude, was on Monday harassed by some policemen for driving a Mercedes Benz car, according to a report by PUNCH.

Chukwude took to his Facebook page to record the conversations between him and the policemen, who accused him of being a ‘Yahoo boy’.

He further said that despite identifying himself as a professional footballer, his car was searched by the security personnel, who insisted on taking him to the police station for interrogation.

While in the car, Chukwude asked one of the policemen why they were adamant in taking him to their station despite telling them he was on his way to the hospital to see a doctor, but rather than give a cogent reason, the officer answered and said, “I suspect you to be a yahoo boy.”

Not willing to give in to their antics, the footballer again asked the policemen if it was everyone driving a Mercedez Benz that was an Internet fraudster, the same officer answered and said, “Yes, it is everybody.”

However, upon noticing that Chukwude was recording the incident on his mobile phone, one of the policemen made an attempt to seize it from him.

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