The Joint Northern Action Front has announced that it would participate in the #RevolutionNow protests against President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The group expressed concern over northerners' silence since they suffer most from alleged atrocities and anti-people policies of the Buhari-led administration.

The group on Sunday called on northerners to join other activists across the country in protesting bad governance and state-sponsored repression.

In a statement by its Chairman, Samuel Katung and Secretary, Tanko Mustapha, the group said it decided to join the protest because “President Buhari seemed not to be in charge of the current government, allowing the cabals to be in the driver’s seat while he(Buhari) is in the passenger seat".

“We are believers in the personal integrity and capabilities of President Muhammad Buhari and it is out of love and desire  to see him carry this country to the 'Next Level' that we joined the protests to force him to take the wheel of the Nigerian ship and not forsake the country in the hands of a cabal without people’s mandate or human sympathy.

"Our schedule for the takeoff is as follows: Kaduna, Bauchi, Benue, Plateau States- (Thursday, Friday 22-23 August 2019). After this, we analyze progress made and take up the second lap.

“Members of CNG and other groups and individuals who feel differently about it are free to either join or stay away. But they are warned never to attempt to stand in the way of a moving bulldozer.”

The group noted that while it recognized the right of individuals or other groups like the Coalition of Northern Groups to hold a contrary opinion, it said, “We don’t see justification in CNG influencing the entire North not to participate in the #Revolutionow even when northerners are the major casualties of the atrocities of this government.

"Unfortunately instead of the North to cooperate with the #Revolutionow movement to help force the cabal out of action, some groups withheld northerners from participating and unknowingly, gave more powers to Buhari and his cabal.”

It added that there was prevalent insecurity in the North mainly caused by poverty and slow pace of governance at all levels.

The group said: “Buhari has stubbornly refused to replace Mr. Godwin Emefiele as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria after all the bad things he did against the North by denying our people access to federal government's empowerment initiatives.

"With all these problems going on in the country and most of them due to the wicked cabal around the president, the time became overdue for a massive protest all over the country as called by Mr. Sowore and the #Revolutionow team.

“The demand at that time was simply that the people of this country elected Muhammadu Buhari as their President, not Mamman Daura, not Ismaila Funtua, and definitely not Abba Kyari. Only President Buhari has our mandate to govern over the affairs of this nation."

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