Abubakar Tsav


A former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubarkar Tsav, has blamed the Nigerian government for the continuous rancour among security operatives.

“We are getting towards a state of anarchy. We are in a country where almost everyone is armed. Unfortunately, the security forces have no law guiding the use of firearms.

“What is most embarrassing is the recent killing of policemen by soldiers in Taraba. During our time, if you were armed, unless you were given instruction to shoot, you would not do that. And if you used one ammunition, you would have to write a statement explaining why you did so," Tsav said in an interview with The Nation.

Continuing, the former policeman noted, “Now people use ammunition and nobody challenges them. It is not good at all. If you go to a scene of violence, you should aim at the legs of the ring leaders of the trouble. Once the commander says stop, you return to your former position.

“Now there is no accountability and people do things anyhow they like and nobody cautions them. This is why things are getting worse more and more.”

Blaming the government for the conflict among security agencies in the country, Tsav said, “I blame the federal government for the rivalry among security operatives. Now, every security outfit wants to show the government that it is performing better than the other.

“It is the feeling of superiority and rivalry that is giving rise to this problem. “

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