A husband, wife and their children have been reported dead at Danko-Wasagu local government area of Kebbi State after eating a meal prepared from guinea corn flour.

The four family members were said to have complained of stomachache and later died after eating the meal.

A resident, Jeremiah Audu, told Daily Trust that the family on the day of the incident bought the guinea corn flour at the market in Mahuta area of the local government and prepared it for their meal at home.

Audu said, “We didn’t know that was what they ate. We were only attracted by the screams coming from their apartment and when we went to see what was happening, we met the four of them, husband, wife and their two children in pains on the ground but before we could help them, the wife and two children died."

He added that the husband did not die immediately but he was rushed to a general hospital at Mahuta.

“Before he died, he said the family ate guinea corn flour they bought from the market and they all started to feel uncomfortable after the meal,” Audu disclosed.

He stated that the death of the four had thrown the community into confusion on Sallah day.

“Everyone in the village was terrified by their death. We were shocked because it was sudden and unexpected,”  he said

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