Femi Falana, a human rights lawyer, says President Muhammadu Buhari and his government will be stupid to charge Omoyele Sowore with a treasonable felony.

Sowore, an activist and opponent of Buhari in the last presidential election, has been in the detention of Department of State Services (DSS) since Saturday.

In a video of an event published by PlusTV Africa, the human rights lawyer said Sowore had not run foul of any law for calling for a revolution. 

Falana stated: "Meanwhile, the man who is accused of causing a revolution is in detention and many Nigerians have asked me: 'But Femi, that young man went too far. How can you be calling for a revolution?' and I said, "where is the offence? Under what section? Treason? Under what section of the criminal code? 

"I do hope that the government will not charge him. The government will not be stupid enough to charge Sowore. 

"He has briefed me. In fairness to the SSS, when he told them, I won't make any statement unless I have spoken to my lawyer and they said 'who is your lawyer?' he said 'Femi Falana'. In fairness to them, they asked him to phone me. They gave him a phone. 

"I knew they were monitoring the phone and I told him, I hope they won't charge you but if they do some of the people in government will be our witnesses. one of them, I won't mention his name, in 2011, asked Nigerians to learn from the Egyptian revolution and be ready for a revolution in Nigeria. So, he will be my first witness. 

Falana narrated how he and Gani Fawehimi, the late human rights lawyer and activist, were charged with a treasonable felony by the Ibrahim Babangida regime and how they floored the charge. 

He added that those in the government who are harassing citizens with treason will one day be charged with the same offence. 

"Those who are in power now, harassing Nigerians with treason - because there is no statute of limitation-- some of them will be tried one day for treason," he said.

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