A Nigerian, Amos Paul Gabriel, 48, who had already been jailed in Singapore was on Wednesday charged with cheating another inmate while in remand at Changi Prison, Yahoo News Singapore reports.

It was gathered that in May 2019, Amos involved in helping his friend to launder $1.84 million stolen from the Ethiopian Government which made him to badged three years in jail.

Amos, who is a permanent resident in Singapore has been accused of deceiving Milled El Khouri into believing that a sum of $37, 800, provided by El Khouri, would be used to post bail for the latter.

The report says Amos tricked El Khouri to deliver the sum of money to a person named Chung Ting Fai through another person named Enkhadalai Mandakh.

During his previous legal cases, Amos had been represented by a lawyer also named Chung Ting Fai.

Although, El Khouri is allegedly wanted in Australia as he has records of criminal cases. He was detained in Singapore in January last year.

Amos’ is said to have committed the crime between January and May 2019 at Changi Prison Complex while he was in remand for his money laundering offences. His charge sheet did not state the roles played by Chung and Enkhadalai in the alleged offence.

When charged through a videolink, Amos claimed that he was not aware of the new charge against him as his lawyer will inform him duly. He will be back in court on 28 August.

If the charges against gone through, Amos could face up to 10 years in jail or a fine if convicted.

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