Prof. Austin Nwagbara

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has granted bail to a visiting Nigerian lecturer, Prof. Austin Nwagbara, at the University of Education following the contents of a video that has gone viral on social media.

Ghana’s Graphic newspaper reports that Prof. Nwagbara was invited by the Police CID Tuesday and was cautioned on the offence of “offensive conduct conducive to the breach of peace”, a statement signed by the Head of Public Affairs of the Police CID, DSP Juliana Obeng, said.

In the video, Prof Nwagbara told a group of Nigerians to take advantage of the media to reshape the reportage of Nigerians in Ghana.

“There is bad image for Nigeria; we can take it back through the press. We can reverse it. We have powerful Nigerian media stations, channels broadcast all over the world, there’s active online social media... Let them come here and run documentaries of the experiences of Nigerians and blast it all over the world. In three days Ghana would respond,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana has accused the Ghanaian media of demonizing its nationals through widespread negative reportage.

The commission advised the media and the public to be circumspect with their reports and commentary on alleged crimes committed by Nigerians living in Ghana.

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