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Olufemi Aduwo, President, Rights Monitoring Group, has slammed Mohammed Adoke, former Nigeria’s Attorney-General and Minister of Justice between 2010 and 2015, for lying to the media on the Code of Conduct Bureau trial of Bola Tinubu when he was the governor of Lagos State.

Adoke, who had been on self-exile since 2015, in an interview with Premium Times, an online media commenting on Tinubu’s trial said, “How Bola Tinubu’s trial came about was unnecessary.”

Reacting to Adoke’s interview, Aduwo stated that the federal government instituted an action against Tinubu in 2007 for violating S.7 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal  Act, Cap.56.LFN,1990, for operating foreign accounts while he was the Governor but the case was dropped after the general elections.

He added that many people believed the case was dropped due to the cordial relationship between the then President, Yar’adua and Tinubu affected the trial.

Aduwo asserted that Adoke frustrated the trial process adding that he failed to acknowledge letters sent to him concerning the trial of Adoke.

He narrated, “ln August  2010, l wrote to Adoke in his capacity as AGF and copied the Office of  National  Security  Adviser; Chairman, Code of  Conduct Bureau; Chairman, Code of Conduct Tribunal; and Director-General of DSS. The receivers acknowledged the letter except for the office of Attorney General of the Federation.

“l followed up with a reminder to AGF, Adoke and after many months of no response, l placed a full-page open letter advertisement to Adoke on two National newspapers.

“l decided to meet some PDP governors, all of them are now in APC and gave them copies of the letter and the letter got to President  Jonathan. l was invited to Abuja on two occasions,”

Aduwo said that Adoke appointed private prosecutor for CCB to handle the case concluding that from what he said in the interview that the trial was unnecessary showed that Adoke compromised the case.

He further challenged Adoke to return to the country asking why Adoke decided to flee the country after his party and former President Goodluck Jonathan was defeated at the 2015 elections.

“You are not the only Minister that served under Jonathan and many of them are moving freely in Nigeria, l will appeal to Adoke to visit Nigeria and face any charge the FG may haul at him,” he said.

Adoke had hinted in the interview that "there have been a lot of accusations rightly or wrongly against my person. I worked on some very credible intelligence at that time from people from within and outside the government. I was advised not to come back at that time."

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