Since news broke about the arrest of Nigerian singer Azeez Fashola better known as Naira Marley several Nigerians and celebrities alike have given their opinions and reactions to his arrest but Nigerian Singer Simi who Naira Marley had earlier accused her of snubbing him at an event had chosen to stay quiet.

Before his arrest, Naira Marley had taken to his Instagram handle to call out Simi for allegedly snubbing him at an event over his stance on cybercrime. “@symplysimi I saw u at d homecoming last night, u look sad & upset.. why? Am I a yahoo boy?” he wrote alongside a picture of him on April 22. 

In an interview with Beat FM, Simi used to opportunity to clear the air saying “"To be honest with you, I have zero issues with Naira Marley, I don't have anything against him, he is not my enemy. We are not friends, we are not enemies. I saw him coming, we did not make eyes contacts, he did not talk to me, I did not talk to him. It is funny because he didn't do anything to me, he did not directly disrespect me...he is not the first person that would say what he is saying.”

"I'm not a stupid person, I'm not going to antagonize you because I'm not dumb. I like to mind my business. Probably he saw something and said something else. But he never spoke to me, he didn't approach me and I saw that and I said whatever makes you happy. And for me I'm a big picture person, I look at the big picture and if you are not in the picture, I'm not going to stress myself.” 

Yesterday, during a questions and answer section on her Instagram page Simi finally gave her reaction to the arrest of Naira Marley. “You happy Naira Marley is arrested yea?” one of her fans asked.  She replied “No”.

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