Remi Sonaiya, a professor and former presidential candidate in Nigeria’s 2015 elections, has called on the Nigerian government to explain to the people how funds disbursed to tackle insecurity in the country were spent.

Sonaiya said this during an interview with The Sun newspaper published on Sunday.

Asked whether the government is not doing well to address insecurity, she asserted that the people do not have full information on what the government is doing. She urged Nigerians to hold the government accountable.

She said: “What we should do as citizens is to hold them accountable, not for us to be saying: these are the things you should be doing. Given the amount of money that has been voted for them and they are supposed to be the professionals, so they must explain to us why they have not been able to perform up to the desired standard. 

“We are the ones to ask them, to demand the account of their work; not that we should be telling them to do this or that. That is not our own job. 

“There are professionals that you are expected to engage, so what are they doing? What has been their work so far? Why are we not getting the needed result? That is what should bother them (leadership) rather than us, telling them what to do.”

She also said corruption is one of the reasons insecurity continues to grow in the country. 

“What if there is still a lot of theft and corruption in terms of the equipment that is being bought for the police, for the military, etc? So, there are many things that we do not know as citizens, as the public which they know and are expected to know,” she added.

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