Charity Madumere, a class teacher at the University of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary School in Akoka, Lagos, has been suspended for molestation of a pupil in her class.

Madumere was indicted in the case for her friendship with Abiodun Matthew, the school driver, who was accused of molesting a four-year-old girl in the school premises.

The Punch newspaper reported that the victim had confessed to being sexually assaulted by Matthew on several occasions.

The father of the victim stated that he had complained of the driver's closeness with the children, but the school handled the matter carelessly.

A staff of the school, who preferred not to be named, said: “The school never tried to cover up the case; it was the school that reported the case to the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and everything we were asked to do has been done.

“We did not plead that any of those who were arrested should be released. The school will never support injustice and if we try to cover up, nemesis will catch up with us.

“The class teacher was suspended on Thursday pending the conclusion of the investigation. The teacher’s only offence was that she was negligent."

Matthew, Madumere and two others have been arrested by the Police and detained at the Gender Unit of the command.

DSP Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the Lagos Police Command said: “Four suspects, who were arrested, are still with the Gender Unit of the command. Investigation is ongoing and we will charge them to court as soon as we conclude our investigation. We are doing our best on the matter to arrive at the truth without any sentiment."

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