The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has been shut down after a football match turned violent.

Violence erupted on Thursday after a football match between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Communications Studies.

The Students' Union Sport Minister was feared to have been stabbed, while a  number of students were injured.

In the meantime, the university management has suspended the activities of the students' union on campus.

Making the announcement, Adewole Soladoye, the Public Relations Officer of the institution, said the decision was made on the heels of the failure of the students' union body to obey and follow rules and regulation guiding its activities on campus.

Soladoye said: “The management has suspended the students' union activities on campus. The management has taken the decision by suspending the students union activities on campus.

“The students had a football match Thursday and it resulted into a fracas. It is an in-fight between them and the school authority has taken the necessary action. All students' union activities have been suspended.

“Parents and guardians are advised to request their children and wards to return home immediately as the management of the institution will not be responsible for the care of any student during the mid-semester break.”

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