A post by Maudlyn Adaeze Ekwueme is currently one of the hot topics on social media as a result of the tragic accident on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, which occurred on Sunday morning.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at exactly 2:23pm, Ekwueme had posted on Facebook: “I saw youth corpers crying; I saw Ethiopian Airline[s], did it crash or almost crash? I saw lots of dead boys; I saw Kaduna.”

Four days after, an Ethiopian Airlines flight took off from Addis Ababa for Nairobi but crashed six minutes into the journey killing all 149 passengers and eight crew members.

Recovery efforts have been going on at the site of the incident to find clues to what caused the crash. The aircraft’s black box was recovered on Monday.

Ekwueme’s post has generated more than 2,000 comments, but she has not made any further reference to the 'prophecy' or the crash.

However, she had made a reference to a report by SaharaReporters on a boat accident involving a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The NYSC member had drowned after a boat he was travelling in capsized on his way back from election duty in Ondo State.

According to her Facebook profile, Maudlyn is a graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. She is self-employed and lives in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Much of her posts revolve around messages from Christian-themed messages.

Her last post at the time of this report was at 11:24pm.

While she has maintained silence since the crash, her friends have not, continuing to tag her in screenshots of the post, with one, Jewel Ifunanya, even warning anyone to refrain from saying the post was edited, affirming that he read the post when it was orginally posted on March 6.

Ifunanya wrote:

At this point of my life, I stopped believing in prophecies, I see this and that blablablabla, I feel they are all lies

But I have a friend on this Facebook, her name is Maudlyn Adaeze Ekwueme babe has a gift of vision. She is no pastor but I know she has a personal relationship with God...

Before the elections, I had an encounter with her, she has a soft spot for PDP and wanted Atiku to win, but her vision was different cos according to her,she saw Buhari addressing the people and APC we're happy. She posted it on her Facebook wall, She was rebuking her vision, praying for Buhari to lose, I got angry and I went into argument with her.
Finally her vision came to pass.

5 days ago I saw her post about her vision about the Ethiopian airline, youth corpers and kaduna. I said to myself this girl has started again, she wants to be forming TB Joshua now because few of her vision came to pass. I read few comments where people asked her to take her vision seriously, as they usually came to pass. I was like abeg swerve, see how worldly she looks and she dey form prophetess... I remember saying that.

I didn't take her serious.

Yesterday I felt like beating up myself, Jewel why didn't you pray? Why didn't join faiths with maudlyn to pray, Just maybe PIUS and others will still be alive, Just maybe that crash would have been averted.

I died the more, when I learnt corpers died in a boat mishap that happened yesterday...

People pls let's all say a prayer for Kaduna, prayer does not harm, it doesn't kill... Let's pray for Kaduna pls...

Finally don't come here to say that post was edited, that will be very annoying. I READ THAT POST 5 DAYS AGO, I saw it and I read it...

I feel so shattered

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