The Nigerian Army will deploy a jet to Kwara State for the governorship and state house of assembly elections. 

According to the Kayode Egbetokun, the Kwara Police Commissioner, the decision was taken to ensure better performance in the area of surveillance.

He urged the residents not to panic, but to come out to participate in the electoral process.

He said: “A military jet will be used for surveillance, instead of the police helicopter that was used in the last election. But residents should not panic when they see it, because it is just to ensure their safety. They should come out en masse and exercise their civic rights.

“The jet is to support our efforts at ensuring the safety of everybody. The military jet will do the job of surveillance better than the helicopter and we should feel comfortable with better equipment in use."

According to Air Commodore A. Adamu, the head of the Air Force Command in Kwara State, the use of the military jet was because the helicopter used earlier had been deployed to combat operations in the fight against insurgency in the North-East.

According to him, the use of the jet is “faster, more precise and will aid response time” to security challenges on the field.

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